With phones, tablets, and other such techs becoming part of our lives, it is impossible to keep the kids away from it all. All the exposure can become dangerous for them. Therefore, it is very important to monitor their internet surfing time, even if they are just using it for homework or playing online games.

However, you can be sure about the sites they visit, but there is nothing you can do about the pop-up ads. I was searching for relatable video content on my Spectrum app on Roku and some pop-ups showing explicit adult content appeared on the screen.

You cannot possibly stop them from using the internet, so, what to do to make their online chatting safe? You can make sure they are using the right websites and platforms for chatting with their friends. For selecting the safe settings, read below.

Animal Jam

Any kid can sign up for this website by just adding their username and a password. After they log in, they can chat freely with their online friends. However, if we talk about Laptop Services then I can suggest Lenovo laptops. which are best in the market.

Safe Check: Although the website has a policy regarding susceptible conversations, kids can become pretty creative around such bans. As an extra precautionary measure, what you can do is add your email address and have access to the parental controls section. There, you can set the levels of chats, ranging from an ‘open chat’ to a ‘pre-approved’ phase. But keep in mind, you cannot set the chat to ‘friends only’.

Google Docs

What started as a harmless notes-sharing app has gained enough popularity as a chatting app to alarm parents. All the kids have to do is share a document, and they can chat with anyone.

Safe Check: The real risk of using this application lies in the fact that much of the homework time is wasted chatting. That being the basic risk, there are reported cases of cyber-bullying fellow students on Google Docs. Because a document-sharing app would be the last place to look for such behaviors, most of the students get away with it.

So just monitor once in a while to see if your kid is spending the homework time wisely. If you notice that the chatting is crossing the boundaries, you can remove the person causing the trouble. For this, click the Share button, and then go to Advanced. From here, you can click and cross the troublesome person’s name from the list.


Instagram is much more than just a chatting app. Texting someone (even someone you do not know) just needs a click.

Safe Check: You cannot disable the chat feature on Instagram. But you can check the privacy settings and restrict the number of people who can text your kid. Make the account private. You can also turn off story replies and public comments. You can do all this in the Privacy and Security settings section.


LinkedIn is a networking app where employers can connect with potential employees, check their experience and academic details, and send them messages. It is becoming widely popular among students to use as a chatting app.

Safe Check: LinkedIn settings allow you to hide personal details, such as your email address and phone number. You can customize which details to share according to the needs of your kid. Make sure to guide them regarding the professional chat criteria and decorum, so that they can use the chat feature accordingly.


This could be your kid’s favorite hangout spot. Roblox boosts around 90 million monthly subscribers. The chat feature is open for anyone with an active account.

Safe Check: Roblox offers various age-appropriate chat filters. You can change the settings by going to Settings, and then clicking Privacy. All chat and friending options can be found in the Contact Settings tab. Unfortunately, you cannot lock the settings, so they are changeable. SO, monitor regularly.


Snapchat is becoming popular because of its feature that makes chats, pictures, and videos disappear after a specific time.

Safe Check: As it is a chatting app, you cannot turn off the chat settings, but you can choose who to let in your kid’s friend list. You can set the story and picture posting settings to private. You can also set the chat deletion time to 24 hours so that you can see it if you want to. All these settings can be done in the Who Can section in Settings.

You can monitor the internet usage of your kids, but it is of no use if you are not teaching them about the dangers of being careless online. They must understand not to indulge in communication with strangers online. Since I’m not home all the time, I have put parental controls on our Spectrum packages. You too could ask your internet service provider to help you with having more control.