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Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery

Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery
Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery
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Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery
Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery
Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery
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  • Model: A32-k53
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  • UPC: 719349625071
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We can ship Asus A32-k53 batteries to United State, Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Belarus, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia, Malaysia, Belarus, Lithuania, Vietnam, Latvia, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Monaco, Hong Kong, Malta, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Battery rating: 10.8V.
Battery capacity: 5200mAh (56Wh).
Battery cells: 6-cell.
Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery.
Battery color: Black.
Policy: one year warranty.

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device. If you have any questions, please contact us, Email: # with @)

Compatible Laptop Models: Asus X54hr-sx196v, Asus X54xb815hr-sl, Asus X54xb95hr, Asus A43sm-083d2670qm, Asus K84hr series, Asus X43ec60br-sl, Asus K53sv-sx055v, Asus K53sa series, Asus A53be, Asus K53sv-sx174v, Asus K43e-vx122, Asus Pro4h series, Asus Pro5nta, Asus X44hr series, Asus K53xi263sv, Asus K43sv-vx014d, Asus A43ei243e-sl, Asus K43sv-vx250v, Asus Pro4jei262sj-, Asus Pro5ne, Asus Pro8q, Asus X84ho, Asus X43jr series, Asus A43br, Asus K53sv-sx144d, Asus X54, Asus X84sl, Asus Pro4gjm, Asus Pro8g series, Asus X43by series, Asus K53sv-2gg-sx006v, Asus K43sv-vx129, Asus A83s, Asus K43sj-vx177d, Asus X43jx series, Asus K43e-vx123, Asus Pro4ksf, Asus X53e-sx947v, Asus K53je series, Asus X54c-sx034v, Asus A43ei233sa-sl, Asus X54k series, Asus X54xb96hr-sl, Asus X53sv-sx218v, Asus X44l-vx003v, Asus Pro4msg, Asus K53xi235sd, Asus X54c-bb31, Asus P43jc series, Asus U35jmb, Asus K43e-vx057, Asus K43sj-vx077, Asus A43eb94sd-sl, Asus X43je series, Asus X84c, Asus K53sv-sx123v, Asus K43e-vx118, Asus X43sr series, Asus K43e-vx113, Asus X54xi235hr-sl, Asus K43br, Asus X43ee35by-sl, Asus X54h-so166v, Asus X84eb82hr-sl, Asus Pro4lsm, Asus K53sv-sx146v, Asus K53j-sx216a, Asus X84eb96hr-sl, Asus K43sv-vx124v, Asus X84ei233hr-sl, Asus P43eb, Asus K43e-vx114v, Asus X54c-so407d, Asus X54c - sx034v, Asus X54h-sx065b-be, Asus X44hy series, Asus A54c-sx2095, Asus X54xb95hr-sl, Asus X54f series, Asus X54xb94hr, Asus A43ei243sj-sl, Asus X53sk series, Asus X84h, Asus A53br, Asus X84s, Asus X54h-s0165v, Asus K43sj-vx184d, Asus X53xi233sj-sl, Asus X44eb82hr-sl, Asus A43ei267sm-sl, Asus Pro4jei235sj-sl, Asus X84eb815hr-sl, Asus X54xb815hr, Asus X44eb815hr-sl, Asus K53xi233sc, Asus X43jf series, Asus K53jt series, Asus X53e-rs53-cbil, Asus X84ly, Asus K84hy, Asus K43sj-vx190, Asus Pro4n, Asus X54xi2328hr-sl, Asus K54hr-sx267v, Asus A83by, Asus Pro4pvd, Asus X54c-s0129d, Asus X53ee35by-sl, Asus X43u series, Asus X84hy series, Asus Pro4gsm, Asus K43u-vx008, Asus A53ei267sm-sl, Asus A43e-vx0, Asus K43sv-vx120, Asus X84l, Asus Pro4hjc, Asus Pro4j series, Asus A53u-xe2, Asus K53e-sx111v, Asus P53xi, Asus K84hy series, Asus K53sv-sx121v, Asus Pro4m series, Asus X53sj-sx308v, Asus A53xi267sm-sl, Asus A53by-sx089v, Asus X53sd series, Asus K53j-d1b, Asus X43t series, Asus K53ta-a1, Asus Pro4k series, Asus K53js series, Asus K53sv-sx125, Asus K53sv-sx393v, Asus A43ei233sv-sl, Asus K43e-vx120d, Asus K43e-vx037, Asus X84s series, Asus K53sv-sx137v, Asus K43sv-vx094, Asus A83u, Asus K53xi243sc, Asus Pro4g series, Asus Pro4pa, Asus X44ei233h-sl, Asus Pro8gt, Asus K53e-sx069v, Asus A43ei245sd-sl, Asus K43e-vx065, Asus X54c-sx105, Asus Pro4p series, Asus X54h-bd1bh, Asus K53x30tk, Asus X54hr- s0060v, Asus X54c-sx151v-be, Asus Pro5n series, Asus A53sv-sx040v, Asus A54c-ts91, Asus P53e-so127x, Asus X54xb82hr-sl, Asus K84ho, Asus X54xi233hr, Asus K54ho series, Asus Pro8gsv, Asus P43sl series, Asus Pro5nt, Asus P53j series, Asus K43e-vx127, Asus P53f series, Asus A53xi245sd-sl, Asus K43e-3jvx, Asus X54hr-sx321, Asus K43e-3ivx, Asus Pro4ji245sj-sl, Asus K53jn series, Asus K53sv-sx077d, Asus K53sv-sx126v, Asus X44ei235hy-sl, Asus P53s series, Asus K43sv-193d2410m, Asus X54l - 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Compatible Part Numbers: Asus A32-k53

Why select us?
1. In addition to the inbound inspection, the Asus A32-k53 battery will be rigorously tested by our professional engineers again to ensure safety and fullness before shipment

2.  We warrant that the Asus A32-k53 battery sold in our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.
3. Fast shipping! We can ship to over 70 countries worldwide.
4. 30 days money back 12 months warranty!
5. Shopping with us is safe and secure.
6. No memory effect, chargeable even if it has not been used up yet.

Package: 1x  Asus A32-k53 5200mAh (56Wh) 10.8V Replacement Battery

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